A Nation of Fatties

A walk into a your local friendly Walmart Supercentre will show you all the terrifying eating habits of a culture that appears to be losing with every passing day, its understanding of healthy, good food. And no I am not a all-natural free-range corn living in a field kind of person, and I am definitely not going to say all we need to eat is good old ‘natural’ foods, like our ancestors or rubbish like that. […]

In Defence of ‘Picky’ Eaters

Don’t you hate picky eaters? Don’t you hate those people who won’t eat whatever is put in front of them? Whether it bean, broccoli, boiled or a handful of bark you should just be grateful you are eating. There was once a time where we Brits only got a loaf of bread a week, and Read more about In Defence of ‘Picky’ Eaters[…]

Milk: The Ancient Poison

For most of human history, milk has essentially been a poison to adults. Though children, like the young of most animals, have always been able to consume dairy. Almost all young animals are able to break down the lactose with the production of the lactase enzyme (That is lactase not lactose, lactose is a sugar in the milk and lactase is the protein that we make to break down the sugar). However most adults of the world then stop producing this lactase and as a result are unable to consume dairy without unfortunate results. But humans were never built to consume dairy anyway, at least not really.


Asparagus: Draining Peru Dry

This is the story of the UK’s crazed year-round love of asparagus, and how it is quickly leading to the destruction of hundreds of miles of Peru’s countryside.  This is a story that made some headlines a few years ago, but little (if any) change has happened. The solution (environmentally though maybe not economically) seemed simple, stop importing this stuff, we grow it here after all. But I just read that the production of asparagus in Peru is actually rising (read here) and the only story I have seen recently on this is on the horrifying idea that climate change might stop us getting more of the stuff! (see here). Oh no! When you stop and look at this situation, it all just seems ridiculous.