In Defence of ‘Picky’ Eaters

Don’t you hate picky eaters? Don’t you hate those people who won’t eat whatever is put in front of them? Whether it bean, broccoli, boiled or a handful of bark you should just be grateful you are eating. There was once a time where we Brits only got a loaf of bread a week, and Read more about In Defence of ‘Picky’ Eaters[…]

Unnatural Selection: Part One

Natural selection is the key mechanism in evolution. It is the ‘selection’ of desirable traits that allow for plants and animals to best adapt to their surroundings. However as time progresses there surroundings appear to be mostly of a human creation. As mother nature steps aside and we humans begin to shape the world, these plants and animals must adapt to living with us, rather the slower natural change of nature.

This is a process we can call ‘unnatural selection’. I suppose you can make the argument that humans are part of nature and as such cause natural change, but the global influence we have is nothing like anything else found in nature. Humans are very odd.