Frankenstein’s Sheep: The Story of Stockbreeding – Part Two

So this post is a continuation of an earlier post on my dissertation, found here. It has been months since I wrote anything on this topic but having now completed my dissertation it seems about time. It has only been a few weeks after I stopped writing on sheep, reading about sheep and learning all I can about sheep, but now I am back on my blog writing about sheep. Maybe if I write a little more about here, then I’ll stop…?

Milk: The Ancient Poison

For most of human history, milk has essentially been a poison to adults. Though children, like the young of most animals, have always been able to consume dairy. Almost all young animals are able to break down the lactose with the production of the lactase enzyme (That is lactase not lactose, lactose is a sugar in the milk and lactase is the protein that we make to break down the sugar). However most adults of the world then stop producing this lactase and as a result are unable to consume dairy without unfortunate results. But humans were never built to consume dairy anyway, at least not really.


Dromedary Camels: Disproving the Bible?

The genesis of the domesticated Dromedary camel (the one-humped camel) in the historical record is found where any great genesis might be expected, in Genesis. The domesticated dromedary camels begin their story, at least in the written record, in the Bible.


It seems a safe assumption that these camels would have been domesticated given the context and given they are listed with other domesticated animals (and that a gift of untamed and aggressive wild camels is, to put it mildly, an inconvenience).

However, this particular passage, as well as many others in Genesis stating there were camels in Egypt, has been said by many to have come into conflict with the archaeological record. This is based of a fairly recent study by archaeologists Lidar Sapir-Hen and Erez Ben-Yosef of Tel Aviv who propose dromedaries were not in Egypt around that time. […]

Dromedary Camel: War Machine

My First Post

My very first post and it’s on the domesticated Dromedary camel… I probably should have started with something that falls into the category of either being cute or a killing machine, these are the animals people tend to find the most interesting. But look at it, look at that smile, it’s adorable. And although not a Saber-toothed cat, it’s a an animal that has seen more than its fair share of military action.

Don’t let the smile fool you. […]