In Defence of ‘Picky’ Eaters

Don’t you hate picky eaters? Don’t you hate those people who won’t eat whatever is put in front of them? Whether it bean, broccoli, boiled or a handful of bark you should just be grateful you are eating. There was once a time where we Brits only got a loaf of bread a week, and it wasn’t that long ago the British diet was limited to the seasonal, the dull and the minced. Be a good boy and eat.

We live in an amazing era of food where we can have almost anything we want and to resist eating meat, or gelatin, or dairy, or something ridiculous like that is to just be a nuisance. Being selective of food has never really been part of our culture. Let them eat cake!

I think an attitude has been passed down to many generations since the 40s and 50s which is simply to accept food as it comes, to not be a nuisance and to try everything.  I think this attitude has poisoned the minds of many British people, many of whom now refuse to question food and where it comes from and simply bask in amazement at the bounty that sits before them. Where did turkey and haggis flavored crisps from and how did they make them? Who cares!put it in the trolley and shut up, its only a pound a bag.

This mindset is very peculiar. It’s an attitude we don’t apply to any other aspect of life. In many cases the picky are simply reasonable people making amicable decisions on what they eat because that’s what they do in other aspects of their life (although yes I know a few people who may be deserving of the title ‘picky’ by refusing to eat, say, all sauces, I know people like this).

Now I should clarify. I understand most people can’t afford to be picky. In fact the foods that are essentially forced on the lower-income families is atrocious and causes horrible health problems and has done for hundreds of years. However, for people who can afford to be picky, should be picky.

But anyway, I am picky about the software I download as to not destroy my computer. As are many other people I assume. We are a culture of ‘picky’ internet users, but being picky as to what goes into our bodies seems a bridge too far for many.

Okay sometimes we do… I guess. I mean the last few years everyone seems to have gone crazy about free range eggs. Which is good! But, why just this?

Okay I know I sound like a tree-hugging
prepubescent teen on the verge of joining a colony but stay with me. We should be picky about food. We, as consumers, are the main driving market force and if we continue to want cheap fatty meat then the markets response will be to factory farm a genocide on a huge scale, we have caused this.

Or let’s take another example. Halal meat is increasingly popular and becominghalal.fw.png
increasingly mainstream. As a result, the Jewish and Muslim communities of Britain are exempt from stunning animals before they are killed. Halal meat is a religious killing, one which sees animals killed in great agony and distress. It is a form of medieval barbarism that for some reason continues today. Maybe we could be picky about this?

According to the 2016 World Giving Index, Britain is in the top 10 for the most charitable countries on the planet. We are a caring and well-intentioned group. We encourage freedom, and yet eat foods from Spain that support what is a essentially a huge slave trade. We don’t want to destroy the planet, and yet we support a meat industry that causes irreparable damage to the world. We love our countryside, but eat Peruvian Asparagus, which is destroying huge areas of the South American countryside. We love animals and yet see millions murdered for crisp flavorings and pizza toppings. The list is endless. If only we concentrated more on the causes rather than giving money to fix many of the problems we caused in the first place, we might actually achieve great things.

This lack of ‘pickyness’ has seen the rise of huge supermarkets pumping food full of crap, keeping prices low and creating a culture which has resulted in Britain becoming one of the fattest, most asthmatic nations in Europe. While at the same time importing from across the globe whatever tickles our fancy and making a now ‘independent Britain’ reliant on the rest of the world for its fatty foods.

But there is goods news! Change is fairly easy. Now I know to research all food before you purchase it is completely unreasonable, but even basing food purchases on where the food was made (which is on the packaging in most cases), basing preference on quality over price and finally, by purchasing certain foods in moderation we can making huge changes. Also, I can understand eating meat, but eating more than double the worldwide average is completely unreasonable, we don’t need it on crisps (Walkers), we don’t need it on pizza, or in curry, or on chips, or with pasta, the world has a bounty of wonderful foods.

Oh and stop eating Halal. I know in some cases it just as bad the normal methods of slaughter, but in many cases it simply isn’t and the idea of blessing the food just comes across as:


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