A Nation of Carnivores: How the British Diet is Destroying the World

Is Britain a nation of carnivores?

My New Years resolution was to cut down on meat and I have since been amazed at just how many foods we will stick, spread or shred animals into. I struggle to even make sandwiches now. It seems for years I have been unable to make any mid-day snack without having a sliced pig in it. Even crisps! The majority of crisps now are meat flavoured. We apparently can’t eat a slice of baked potato crisp without sprinkling a bit of chicken on it. I’m sure some companies don’t use seasoning from actual animals, but Walkers definitely do (see here) and they’re all I care about.


Asparagus: Draining Peru Dry

This is the story of the UK’s crazed year-round love of asparagus, and how it is quickly leading to the destruction of hundreds of miles of Peru’s countryside.  This is a story that made some headlines a few years ago, but little (if any) change has happened. The solution (environmentally though maybe not economically) seemed simple, stop importing this stuff, we grow it here after all. But I just read that the production of asparagus in Peru is actually rising (read here) and the only story I have seen recently on this is on the horrifying idea that climate change might stop us getting more of the stuff! (see here). Oh no! When you stop and look at this situation, it all just seems ridiculous.