Frankenstein’s Sheep: The Story of Stockbreeding – Part Two

So this post is a continuation of an earlier post on my dissertation, found here. It has been months since I wrote anything on this topic but having now completed my dissertation it seems about time. It has only been a few weeks after I stopped writing on sheep, reading about sheep and learning all I can about sheep, but now I am back on my blog writing about sheep. Maybe if I write a little more about here, then I’ll stop…?

Frankenstein’s Sheep: The Story of Stockbreeding – Part 1

Poor sheep.

While Mary Shelley began writing her book Frankenstein near the beginning of the eighteenth century, the farmers of England had been at work for around half a century to create creatures of their own.

Sheep were once a small, beautifully coated animal of fairly reasonable intelligence. My dissertation is on the changes to sheep that happened during the 17th and 18th centuries, how they changed from the animal just described to the meat-making machines they are today. […]