Milk: The Ancient Poison

For most of human history, milk has essentially been a poison to adults. Though children, like the young of most animals, have always been able to consume dairy. Almost all young animals are able to break down the lactose with the production of the lactase enzyme (That is lactase not lactose, lactose is a sugar in the milk and lactase is the protein that we make to break down the sugar). However most adults of the world then stop producing this lactase and as a result are unable to consume dairy without unfortunate results. But humans were never built to consume dairy anyway, at least not really.


Unnatural Selection: Part One

Natural selection is the key mechanism in evolution. It is the ‘selection’ of desirable traits that allow for plants and animals to best adapt to their surroundings. However as time progresses there surroundings appear to be mostly of a human creation. As mother nature steps aside and we humans begin to shape the world, these plants and animals must adapt to living with us, rather the slower natural change of nature.

This is a process we can call ‘unnatural selection’. I suppose you can make the argument that humans are part of nature and as such cause natural change, but the global influence we have is nothing like anything else found in nature. Humans are very odd.


A Nation of Carnivores: How the British Diet is Destroying the World

Is Britain a nation of carnivores?

My New Years resolution was to cut down on meat and I have since been amazed at just how many foods we will stick, spread or shred animals into. I struggle to even make sandwiches now. It seems for years I have been unable to make any mid-day snack without having a sliced pig in it. Even crisps! The majority of crisps now are meat flavoured. We apparently can’t eat a slice of baked potato crisp without sprinkling a bit of chicken on it. I’m sure some companies don’t use seasoning from actual animals, but Walkers definitely do (see here) and they’re all I care about.